Labor and Discrimination

Global Economics Group experts have worked on the full range of employment play online mahjong games and labor litigation including certification, liability and damages in class-action race and gender discrimination matters; liability and damages in single plaintiff cases especially involving high-worth individuals; wage and hour disputes; and wrongful termination cases. Our team has also worked on prominent labor arbitration matters including before several Presidential Emergency Boards brought to resolve pay disputes how to play mahjong in the Class-I Railroad Industry. In addition to work on litigation matters, our experts have helped clients develop affirmative action plans, both for employees and minority and female-owned businesses, and to develop reductions-in-force plans.

Experts have worked on leading and often precedent setting matters for a diverse range of clients including Fortune 100 companies as well as states and municipalities.

Employment and labor mahjong online games matters are often highly data intensive. Our experts and staff are highly experienced in handling large complex databases, developing databases from complex and disparate paper and computer-based sources, and extracting data from popular human-resources systems such as PeopleSoft.


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• Class-action certification under Rule 23.

 Statistical analyses how to play mahjong related to liability for race, gender, ethnicity, age and other forms of discrimination.

• Damages analyses related to discrimination in promotions, pay, hiring, or firing as well as wrongful termination matters in both class-action and individual matters.

• Wage and hour case analyses under FLSA, PAGA and state-specific labor laws.

• Analysis of competitive pay and benefits for arbitration before the NLRB, PEBs, or other arbitrators or mediators.

free mahjong games • Analysis of reduction-in-force (RIF) policies.

• Diversity equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

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